Report: Journalism, media and technology predictions 2015

nic newman media predictions 2015

Last month I blogged about some reflections on 2014 I’d given to Nic Newman as part of his annual ring-round. Now his 39-page report on Journalism, media and technology predictions 2015 is live (PDF).

Among the highlights is a section on the ‘Digital election‘, which notes that Labour will be using Thunderclap (as used by the Birmingham Mail) and US-style data-driven targeting (for more on this the book The Victory Lab is an excellent read).

It also mentions (perhaps underplays) the role of live factchecking by Full Fact and the work of developers and data under Democracy Club.

Newman’s prediction:

[There] will be slices of authenticity, political gaffes and satirical videos that go viral and properly change minds. We’ll see short form video services like Snapchat and Vine come into their own following breakthrough moments last year with the Ferguson and Ebola stories. There’ll be more of them in 2015 and they’ll matter more especially in engaging the young – as social media will be the MAIN way young people find out what’s happening.

Oh, and there’ll be a new political party in the UK.

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