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Something for the weekend #3: email meets RSS (9cays)

This week’s Something for the Weekend is email tool 9cays. At a basic level it’s a tool to help you improve group email conversations – like a mailing list with bells on. The service makes it easier to copy (cc) in people, and creates a permanent webpage so people can catch up on previous emails if they’ve just joined. But what makes 9cays interesting to me is that it also provides an RSS feed.

Having an RSS feed opens up a number of journalistic possibilities. Here are just some:

  • You could carry out an email interview with a public figure – or a number of public figures – and allow people to subscribe directly to the correspondence.
  • Or you could display the feed on your news site.
  • You could aggregate a number of feeds from different conversations on the same topic
  • Likewise you could use it to display correspondence with readers by cc’ing the 9cays conversation email address in your replies (this would however, sign them up to future emails).
  • You could ask readers to cc the address in their correspondence with public figures (warning: issues around privacy and ethics here)
  • If you don’t have a comments RSS feed you could set up your CMS to forward comments to the 9cays address to create one.
  • Alternatively, you could set up your email account to filter comments from your blog and forward them to different 9cays addresses for different feeds (probably too much effort, but an idea nonetheless)
The fact that it’s email makes this particularly accessible for non-web-savvy readers, too. Your ideas?