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FAQ: Social media and media freedom

More questions from a student as part of the ongoing FAQ series. This time it’s about the role of social media in ‘media freedom’, competition between social media and mainstream media, and credibility of citizen journalists…

1. What effects do you think social media, like blogs, Facebook, Twitter, have had on media freedom?

Given that media freedom is largely about the legal and political framework in which organisations operate, I’d say social media has had very little effect. An analogy would be asking what effect hammers have had on builders’ freedoms: it’s another tool which they can use, but whether they use it and how depends on what happens to them if they do. Continue reading

What I said about Facebook

Yesterday’s MediaGuardian led with a lengthy and thoughtful piece on the importance of Facebook. I’m in it, talking about why Murdoch hasn’t attacked the site in the same way as Google, but also why I think identity will be the next big battleground for publishers. This is something I explored in an audioboo a few months back, so I thought I might publish it here for the first time. Here it is: