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FAQ: questions from Maite Fernandez

A few months ago Uruguayan student Maite Fernandez interviewed me about online journalism. I always try to make these responses public for other students who may have the same questions, so here are the answers as transcribed by Maite:

1) How do you think the net affects the transmission of news?

One major way lies in distribution. Print news spent decades setting up a distribution infrastructure (typically delivery vans, vendors/newsagents and paper boys); broadcast news did the same with distribution over time (scheduling and running orders). But online, distribution is networked – and it is done by readers and, to a lesser extent, the journalists themselves. As I’ve written elsewhere, we are all paperboys now. Continue reading

Online journalism in Uruguay

Maite Fernandez provides an overview of how news organisations have taken to the web in Uruguay

In Uruguay there are nearly 50 information websites, of which only five are considered as the main competitive news websites in Uruguay:



Two of them are part of newspaper companies (El Pais.com and Observa.com), one is from a news radio company (El Espectador.com), and the other two are independent. 180.com.uy started last October.

I studied El Pais.com, comparing it to the Argentinian news website Clarin.com. I’ve found that, in general, news companies in Uruguay do not yet see the Internet as a field to invest in, and they still invest money and hire employees for the paper publication (in the case of websites that come from newspapers). Continue reading