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Is there a ‘canon’ of data journalism? Comment call!

Looking across the comments in the first discussion of the EJC’s data journalism MOOC it struck me that some pieces of work in the field come up again and again. I thought I’d pull those together quickly here and ask: is this the beginnings of a ‘canon’ in data journalism? And what should such a canon include? Stick with me past the first obvious examples…

Early data vis

These examples of early data visualisation are so well-known now that one book proposal I recently saw specified that it would not talk about them. I’m talking of course about… Continue reading

Online journalism in Uruguay

Maite Fernandez provides an overview of how news organisations have taken to the web in Uruguay

In Uruguay there are nearly 50 information websites, of which only five are considered as the main competitive news websites in Uruguay:



Two of them are part of newspaper companies (El Pais.com and Observa.com), one is from a news radio company (El Espectador.com), and the other two are independent. 180.com.uy started last October.

I studied El Pais.com, comparing it to the Argentinian news website Clarin.com. I’ve found that, in general, news companies in Uruguay do not yet see the Internet as a field to invest in, and they still invest money and hire employees for the paper publication (in the case of websites that come from newspapers). Continue reading