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Coverage of WordCamp UK 08

It being a blogging conference and all, I’m sure there’ll be more than enough coverage of this weekend’s WordCamp UK in Birmingham. However, if you’re following it I’ll still be twittering my impressions and thoughts (most likely via Twitterfone) at twitter.com/paulbradshaw

A week in online journalism: roundup

Allison White has written this wonderful roundup of last week’s news for the OJB. But now she’s got a job. Persuade her to do this again in the comments…


-Announced no desire to create content and will respect copyright.

It added face-blur technology to its Street View mapping serivce to protect privacy. Also speculation from Groves Media on whether this technology is more of a threat to civil liberties than CCTV.


-Looking to limit the kinds of computers that can use their low-cost OS, making them poor computers even if they could be better and still be as cheap. Continue reading