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What you need to know about the laws on harassment, data protection and hate speech {UPDATED: Stalking added}

The following is taken from the law chapter of The Online Journalism Handbook. The book blog and Facebook page contain updates and additions – those specifically on law can be found here.


The Protection From Harrassment Act 1997 is occasionally used to prevent journalists on reporting on particular individuals. Specifically, any conduct which amounts to harassment of someone can be considered to a criminal act, for which the victim can seek an injunction (followed by arrest if broken) or damages.

One example of a blogger’s experience is illustrative of the way the act can be used with regard to online journalism, even if no case reaches court. Continue reading

INFOGRAPHIC: UK riots – Gauging the Columnists Blame Game

Here’s a quick experiment in data visualisation to provide an instant insight into a story on how the blame game is being played by columnists.

The data is taken from a Liberal Conspiracy blog post – I’ve transferred that into a spreadsheet with limited categories and used the Gauges gadget to visualise the totals.

A screengrab is below – but there is also an embed code that provides a gauge that will be updated whenever a new columnist is added. See the spreadsheet for both the gauge and the raw data.

Columnist Blame Game Gauge - UK Riots

Columnist Blame Game Gauge