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Host your own crowdsourced investigation with the Help Me Investigate plugin

Help Me Investigate as it looked 2 years ago

When we open-sourced the code for Help Me Investigate the plan was to move from a single site to a decentralised, networked structure. Now, thanks to Andy Dickinson, it has become even easier for anyone to host their own journalism crowdsourcing platform.

Since a conversation a couple of months ago, Andy has been tweaking a WordPress plugin that replicates the functionality of the previous Help Me Investigate site. It’s now ready for use.

The plugin adds an ‘Investigations’ page to your self-hosted WordPress blog which holds ‘sticky’ pages for any investigations you want to pursue, and allows you to break those down into distinct challenges that anyone can contribute to.

You can also add tags and grade progress, and limit access to make an investigation more private. Full functionality and limitations are listed on the plugin page. Continue reading