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[Keyword: , , ]. Plenty of reaction to my analysis piece on online video being an easy option. I was invited by The Press Gazette to write a 500 word version of the piece (which is, frankly, better) for their /discuss section, published this week, so if you want to discuss the issues raised please do so at http://discuss.pressgazette.co.uk/journalism-article.aspx?id_Content=5575

Across the Atlantic Steve Yelvington added his voice to the sentiments of the piece:

“Like Bradshaw, I was puzzled by a report on journalism.co.uk last week decribing how Trinity Mirror plans to “re-launch all its regional and local newspaper websites by the end of the year to refocus on interactive elements” — because the article goes on to describe nothing but video plans for the “interactive” website.

“Unless your users are producing it, “interactivity” just isn’t the right word. Video is not only linear, watching video is fundamentally passive. At least print requires the consumer to take some sort of action in order to acquire each word.”

I was also talking with someone who works for a Johnson paper last night who sees another motivation for the move to video: when you’re producing video news, you don’t need a subeditor. Good point.

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