Guardian wants ‘proper reporters’ for video and plans to invest 15 million online reports on The Guardian’s plans to invest £15m in its online operations and ‘big plans’ for video – “to take advantage of its advertising potential” (that old chestnut). Apparently Guardian Films, its television production company, has grown “rapidly over recent months to a point where it now broke even”. It seems broadcast-trained journalists can now look to the print sector for employment too:

“Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger told conference that £1 million would be invested in video production and hiring experienced production staff.

“Currently self-taught reporters and camera people put projects together.

“We don’t think we can go forward without proper resources and reporters,” he said.

Meanwhile, the move to use the web to target overseas markets continures, with the Guardian intending “to launch an American version of its Comment is free portal as part of its bid to be the world’s leading voice of liberalism.”

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