Virginia Tech: the speed of news online

If ever proof were needed of the increased speed which the internet and blogs bring to news, yesterday Wired was already looking at the implications of the Virginia Tech shooting after a blog post:

“After Columbine, there was a nationwide backlash against geeks and goths — kids were being suspended, and worse, for wearing Marilyn Manson tee shirts. What will the Virginia Tech backlash look like, if it comes?

“Given all the emphasis on Cho’s creative writing, I’d guess student fiction-writers will be feeling the heat. Turning in dark, tortured, soul-searching fiction will be a good way to get sent to a counselor, or wind up interviewed by the local police.

“Kimberly Lacey, a graduate teaching instructor at Wayne State University, has a thoughtful blog post on the position creative writing teachers are in now.”

The article even links to two of Cho’s plays: “Richard McBeef and Mr. Brownstone are here, along with an account of one his former classmates.”

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