Guardian wins the Blair coverage battle

Blair resignationThe Guardian’s new site has gotten off to a great start, with impressive coverage of the Blair resignation. Alongside the main story is lengthy promotion of audio, galleries, video, interactive and analysis. The depth of treatment backs up Mark Porter’s point that the new design “allows us to respond dynamically to events, by varying the layout as the news agenda develops.”
Blair resignationThe Telegraph’s treatment is much smaller, giving the impression of less depth…
Blair resignation…and The Times is pretty similar. The tabloids’ treatment is even smaller, although their editorial agenda is obviously different.
Blair resignationSky is worth a look, though- their new design gives the capability to add a story to the main navigation – so ‘The Blair Years’ becomes an option alongside ‘Sport’. This is a screengrab of the Blair Years page, not the homepage.


3 thoughts on “Guardian wins the Blair coverage battle

  1. MW

    Too bad the Guardian Online was at one point reporting that Blair would leave office immediately. Impressive as it may be, you must get the story RIGHT!


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