OJB Digest – Aug 21 2007

Here’s what I’m reading today…

  1. Website logs deaths of MySpace users | Technology | The Guardian

     mydeathspace.com, a website set up by a 26-year-old legal clerk from California that records the deaths of MySpace users. Since its launch in December 2005 the site has accumulated 3,000 obituaries and 11,000 members.

    to onlinejournalism myspace obituaries

  2. Sacramento journalists tackle multimedia to bring statistics to life

    In Tackling Life, The Sacramento Bee set out to tell the story behind the drumbeat of dire statistics related to young African American males. It did so through the lens of a youth football team formed in 1992, tracing the lives of five key players

    to multimediainteractive interactivity onlinejournalism flashjournalism statistics

  3. Study of Young People and Happiness

    Cell phones, the Internet and other technologies are integrally woven into the lives of today’s young people and nearly two thirds say they make people happier.
    to research

  4. HUSNI: Will magazines die? Not any time soon « sans serif

    In this sans serif exclusive video, shot against the backdrop of the Washington Public Library, Dr Husni explains why magazines will always be around—and just what they will need to do so as not to be overwhelmed by the surging waters of pessimism that

    to newmediamagazines

  5. Live-Blogging Mrs. Astor’s Funeral – New York Magazine’s Daily Intelligencer

    to onlinejournalism blogs

  6. Study Tracks Viewers’ News Habits – TVWeek – News

    Television coverage was the primary source to which all three groups turned for information on the shooting spree, but nearly a quarter of the adult Millennials first learned about the story, which began unfolding as the school day started on the campus,

    to virginiatechshootings onlinejournalism television research statistics

  7. I Really Need You to Read This Article, Okay? – washingtonpost.com
    Marketing may increasingly become part of the journalistic mix (along with reporting, writing, doing an online chat, podcasting, filming a video diary, answering e-mails, blogging, etc.) Reporters long immune from circulation concerns are now encouraged to identify bloggers who might link to their work.

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