Content ‘biggest-growing online activity’ – OPA

Online Publishing Insider reports on the rise of people’s use of content online:

“In the last four years, the share of time devoted to viewing Content online has experienced the greatest growth, increasing from 34% to 47% of time spent, outpacing all other activities. There are a number of factors contributing to Content’s rapid rise.

“More and more traditionally offline activities – from getting news, to finding entertainment information to checking the weather or traffic – are moving online. News and information sites see a consistent pattern that helps drive the growth: major news and seasonal events lead to traffic spikes, but traffic remains consistently higher even after the events have passed.”

Social networking’s rise is also significant, as is video: “according to a June 2007 OPA study, 44% of online video viewers are watching on at least a weekly basis, up from 24% in 2006”

1 thought on “Content ‘biggest-growing online activity’ – OPA

  1. JohnN

    I have more or less stopped reading newspapers. I think blogs are more human, thats why people prefer then. They are less condescending and more to the point. They feel less like PR Hype. Most importantly newspapers are slow. I can hear whats going on before a journalist knows.

    I think many people will have a similar opinion.


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