JEEcamp live coverage – take part from your desktop

If you’ve not been able to attend JEEcamp, you can still take part online. We will be running live coverage at – and taking your questions and comments.

We’ll be using CoverItLive, which allows users to post comments, chatroom-style, and we’ll be incorporating these into the event itself.

Here’s how it (should) work: there will be five topics being discussed during the event: funding; business models; online news models; legals; and building audiences and community.

Each topic will have a correspondent attached – a journalism student from Birmingham City University who will be reporting what’s being discusse, but also feeding back any comments or questions from people following JEEcamp online.

That’s all assuming the wifi works, of course…

JEEcamp already has a fantastic mix of people from the news and tech industries – with people coming from as far away as Latvia, Sweden, Spain and South Korea too.

To join in online go to from 9am till 4pm GMT on Friday March 14 (to convert to your own time zone use this converter)

Ahead of the event you can also add to the event wiki at – in particular any questions under the themes being discussed (

And finally, there’s an aggregator blog at for anything tagged ‘jeecamp’ on WordPress, Flickr, YouTube, or Delicious (also search results for ‘jeecamp’ on Twitter, Google Blog Search and Technorati).

Look forward to meeting you (virtually)…


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