Something for the Weekend #5: Who needs to know Flash? Vuvox

Vuvox is to Flash what WordPress is to Dreamweaver. Vuvox is, effectively, a content management system for multimedia content – an easy way to create Flash interactives without having to know Flash.

I first explored it a few months ago, but still haven’t had the time to really see what it can do. But here’s some things:

Vuvox also works with RSS feeds, Flickr, Buzznet and Picasa, so you can create dynamically updated content.

One problem: the resulting movie is hosted by Vuvox  (although you can embed it). If you want to get the movie to host yourself you’ll have to use an .swf ripper, which is probably breaking the terms and conditions of Vuvox.

Anyway, over to you – what uses can you think of?

4 thoughts on “Something for the Weekend #5: Who needs to know Flash? Vuvox

  1. Allison White

    I’ve always been interested in Flash, so Vuvox intrigues me.

    I’ve seen Flash used badly on my student newspaper but also really well on big newspapers I read. Maybe if Flash wasn’t difficult to make professionally the quality standard would go up? It definitely can aide understanding or be a little fun. And we can always use more multimedia 🙂

    But it seems like if this takes off, they’d have to either make a packaged product to sell to businesses and individuals so it’s not all hosted on their site or do something else with their Web policy.

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  4. Ralph

    It’s two years after Paul Bradshaw’s post and I just stumbled across Vuvox. Looks intriguing to me – but seems not to have taken off. I hardly find any serious work done with Vuvox, especially not journalistic work, and hardly anything recent. What’s wrong with Vuvox? Why isn’t it being used more by journalists?


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