Something for the weekend #7: sharing documents on Scribd

This weekend’s plaything is Scribd, a document sharing website. If you have a PDF, Word doc, spreadsheet, powerpoint, image or open office doc – for example, annual reports, raw material, etc. – this is a good place to put it to make it both interactive and conversational.

A quick look at the tag cloud reveals some useful sources too, including the environmental protection agency, NASA, food and drug agency and so on (it is currently, as you’d expect, very US dominated).

Here’s some of the features:

  • Post comments on documents
  • Email to someone, or embed on your own webpage/blog
  • Add to a group
  • See traffic analytics
  • Engage in communities
  • RSS feeds

The tagging and other description features also make this potentially useful for file management – a delicious for PDFs?

The ability to create groups has potential for crowdsourcing – see this LA Metro Transit group for an example.

But in general this is just a better alternative to simply posting a link to a PDF on your website.

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5 thoughts on “Something for the weekend #7: sharing documents on Scribd

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