3 thoughts on “Czech Republic and Catalonia added to News Interactivity Index

  1. Carlos

    I think it’s confusing to put Avui under ‘Catalonian’. La Vanguardia it’s a catalan newspaper too, and it shows under ‘Spain’. And, since Catalunya it’s a part of Spain, does Avui’s stats show under Spain-Average?

    Nationalist-Hurt-Feelings Disclaimer: I’m not a catalan nationalist, nor a spanish nationalist. I don’t care if Catalunya goes independent some day or not, I just think it makes a clearer and nicer tool if we keep catalonians newspapers under the ‘spain’ category.

  2. nicolaskb

    Avui has a strong Catalonian orientation and does have a .cat extension, unlike La Vanguardia, which did not even by the lavanguardia.cat domain. Nationality is not about location.

    We could choose to arrange data by Language, but we’d have a hard time justifying the difference between US and UK titles, between other linguistic feuds.


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