The European News Interactivity Index

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been turning the Online Journalism Blog into a group blog. For our first project we have taken Jo Geary’s news interactivity index, and applied it Europe-wide, creating an ‘interactivity index’ of newspapers across European countries – at the moment: the UK, Spain, Portugal, Macedonia, Hungary, Poland and Switzerland…

European News Interactivity Index

Not just that, but we’ve made the index itself interactive. Specifically, Nicolas Kayser-Bril has created this PHP object which allows you to compare two selected newspapers or countries.

The team so far is as follows: UK and France: Nicolas Kayser-Bril; Switzerland: Nico Luchsinger; Portugal and Spain: Alex Gamela; Poland: Marek Miller; Macedonia: Darko Buldioski; Hungary: Molnar Emil; Netherlands: Wilbert Baan.

If you want to help add information on one or more of your country’s newspapers you can do so here – you’ll need to ask Nicolas for a password: nicolas (at)

More newspapers will continue to be added, and there are other graphical tricks to come.

You can also embed this widget on your own blog with the following code:

<iframe src=”; frameborder=”0″ height=”605″ scrolling=”no” width=”415″></iframe>

16 thoughts on “The European News Interactivity Index

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  2. Francois Nel

    Nice work, Paul. Besides suggesting the audit to Joanna Geary for a Journalism Leaders Programme project, I’ve also got a few students at UCLan doing it for other countries. Give me a shout if you’d like to add the data.

  3. nv1962

    Did the Netherlands drop off the map? Pity, I was ready and salivating to compare the Big Four (Algemeen Dagblad, Volkskrant, NRC Handelsblad, De Telegraaf) against others… Having said that – what a great initiative this is! Thanks, and please do keep us posted; I really look forward to seeing more about this project.

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  12. P

    An interesting experiment – but I think it has the wrong title.

    I don’t see what’s ‘interactive’ about most of the items on this checklist – videos, email newsletters, RSS feeds, podcasts etc.

    These are all very much one-way relationships – the reader merely consumes the content that the newspaper decides to deliver to it. Readers cannot create or add anything to them.

  13. paulb

    I would argue interactivity is a sliding scale. I hate it when people suggest video is an example of interactivity, but fundamentally, it does give user control over play, pause etc. so it is, in some sense at least, interactive. Likewise, email newsletters and RSS provide more control over when and how you consume content.
    Perhaps we could weight certain elements, but I suppose fundamentally at the moment what this is measuring is the intentions of the newspaper more than anything else.

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