Has blogging changed your journalism?

As part of a book chapter on the subject I’m putting together some research on if and how blogging has changed our work as journalists. It would help me enormously if you could take a few minutes to complete this short survey on ‘Has blogging changed your journalism?’.

If you could pass on the link to other journalists who blog I’d be very grateful too.

It’s all anonymous, and the results will be published here as soon as I compile them, with an email notification to members of the Online Journalism Blog Facebook group.

If you want to say more on the subject, please email me at paul.bradshaw@bcu.ac.uk – or indeed, blog about it yourself and link back here so I know about it.

Many thanks.


14 thoughts on “Has blogging changed your journalism?

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  8. Jay Byrne

    Most people miss the biggest way bloggers influence journalism — when they agree on and share links to a specific piece of content it lights that content up. That creates visibility for that material in search engines (where 90+ percent of all Internet experiences start) and similarly helps position that material (if the content is from a news source) higher in news aggregators like Google News and Yahoo! News. This in turn, causes that material to appear in more mainstream media spaces which uses these media aggregator/syndication services.

    Few bloggers have sufficient power to individually influence journalism, but those who blog effectively and combine that with broad syndication and amplification of their content by other bloggers certainly influence what journalists see and what the public sees from them.

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  11. Journa Liz S. Ramirez

    This is one of my worries as I enter the world of blogging just recently. I am a journalist and now a neophyte blogger.
    One of these days I would blog about journalism vs. blogging. This would be fun.

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