Lancashire Telegraph and Lancashire Evening Post – more interactive than The Independent?

Blogging recently on Newsquest’s relaunch of its websites, I feel I was a bit harsh on the Lancashire Telegraph

Since that review the site has cleaned up and, more importantly, sped up. But here’s my frustration: the newspaper is one of the best in the country when it comes to innovation in interactivity, and the new website does far too little to show that off.

So, here’s my attempt to redress that. I’ve added the Lancashire Telegraph to the Interactivity Index – a comparison chart of the features of newspapers around the world (more visualisation options to come). If you select it from one of the drop-down lists below you’ll see it scores an impressive 1200 points thanks to its use of RSS feeds, text updates, blogging, slideshows and impressive video. That score is higher than the Independent’s 1000 points, and The Mirror’s 800, and puts the site level with the also relaunched Hull Daily Mail (which is also an innovator with interactivity).

In the interests of fuelling local rivalry, I’ve also added the Lancashire Evening Post. There must be something in the water around those parts, because they do even better, scoring 1400 points, making it as ‘interactive’ as The Times (yes I know that’s a subjective term and some things are more interactive than others, but it’s as good a guide as any).

Any other nominations for most interactive regional newspaper?

4 thoughts on “Lancashire Telegraph and Lancashire Evening Post – more interactive than The Independent?

  1. P

    Paul, either I’m confused or you are.

    The Lancashire Evening Post is a Johnston Press daily newspaper based in Preston. Its website hasn’t changed its design in the last couple of years.

    The Lancashire Telegraph is a Newsquest daily newspaper with editions for Blackburn and Burnley. Its website recently relaunched with a new design and you critiqued it.

  2. paulb

    It’s me who is confused – and a lesson in blogging in the wee hours. The post is now corrected – thanks for pointing out the mistake.

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