Twitter & SMS: comparison table of services

Based on the information I have so far, here’s a comparison table of all the services offering SMS text messages from Twitter. Any updates you can provide would be most welcome:

Service Price (UK) Features
3jam £0.05 DM only
HootSMS £0.05 DMs, new followers and info about how many friends’ updates
Tweeteroo £0.07 DM only    Min. 100 text bundle
TweetSMS £0.05 (more) DMs, @replies, multiple twitter accounts, alerts to update status, nudges, filters, timeline, track word
TwitMobile £0.05 recent messages, can set frequency
TwitSMS £0.04 Select friends, DMs and/or replies    Min. 100 text bundle
Twittex £0.05 Select friends; £1, £5, £10 and £20 packages
ZygoTweet none yet

3 thoughts on “Twitter & SMS: comparison table of services

  1. hootSMS

    The link in your article is wrong for hootSMS. Could you possibly correct it as it’s a deadline market and we’re all scrambling for custom. The correct URL is

    It’s pretty much live now and bursting with splendid features.

    Many thanks.

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