Twitter & SMS: Interview #6: Jake Stride of Tweeteroo

In the latest interview with the services to spring up since Twitter pulled its SMS service, I speak to Jake Stride of Tweeteroo.

Did you know this was coming – how did you get the service up so quick?

No we didn’t. The project got put together as a proof of concept at the weekend. With the code and framework we develop at Senokian for our Tactile CRM product it really was very easy

Will there be a way to select which messages you receive?

Yes, at the moment we do all DMs, the plan is to specify when you would like to receive them as well as an option to turn them off. If it takes off we will also add the ability to recieve SMS updates of @username requests. We are currently not aiming to do all user/ follower tweets.

How do you see your service being different from Jaiku and the other Twitter SMS services springing up?

I believe we have the largest coverage area – 200+ countries and are focusing on direct messages and eventually replies only. This and the fact we are an established company should differentiate us from other Twitter SMS services. In terms of Jaiku that is a whole service in itself and out aim is to do one thing well – the SMS.

Any future plans for developing the service?

SMS of @username tweets, ability to set time for receiving tweets

What will you do if Twitter turns SMS back on?

Leave the service available, it’s not our core business but the @username feature will be unique, Twitter didn’t really have a good way of dealing with this so it may be a USP if they bring it back.

Tweeteroo is on Twitter @tweeteroo Also interviewed previously on OJB: Twittex, 3jam, ZygoTweet, twitMobile and TweetSMS.

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