Are you teaching (or being taught) the News Diamond?

A couple of recent emails have brought home to me just how many people are being taught the ‘News Diamond’ model I first proposed as part of my Model for a 21st Century Newsroom series.

So I’d love to know – are you teaching this? What has the reaction been like? Or are you a student learning about it? What do you think?

When I first blogged it I was disappointed by the lack of critical reaction. Come on people, add to it, pick it apart, remix it! Comments please.

3 thoughts on “Are you teaching (or being taught) the News Diamond?

  1. Neil

    I've not seen this before. Interesting. The top half lacks interactivity in the development of coverage. It accounts for the various waves of content that a media operation would push out, but doesn't capture the fact that each new wave will (or should) reflect on (or incorporate) audience reaction to what was sent in the earlier waves. Needs a feedback loop.

  2. Paul Bradshaw

    If you read the original post that explains how it works, the top half is all about garnering input and interactivity – so the alert asks for anyone with expertise/info; the draft does the same; and the package incorporates contributions made at both stages. The analysis stage might be written by someone who posted a comment to the blog (draft). But you're right – the diagram doesn't capture that, and there should be some reflection of the loops within it. Thanks for your insights.

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