What do you think of the new commenting system (IntenseDebate)?

A couple weeks ago I switched to the IntenseDebate commenting system, which has a number of advantages (threading, voting) and disadvantages (er, video commenting is disabled). The result seems to have been fewer commenters, but commenting more often – an increased sense of community.

How have you found it? (Feel free to comment via Twitter if it annoys you that much)

4 thoughts on “What do you think of the new commenting system (IntenseDebate)?

  1. TheWorstofPerth

    It's good. I like the ease of replying to particular commenters rather than having to reference a comment number. Waiting for the .com version at wordpress group hosted. Would ake a big difference to me. i tend to have several mini conversations going on in a big popular post.

  2. Cass

    That the comments are threaded is the best point for me too. One thing that might be useful would be to include the comments feedflare in your rss feed. I find that psychologically, seeing it there makes me more likely to click through to comment 😛

  3. Paringl_Hivand

    I changed from ID to Disqus a while back. Now that ID is in the <a href="http://www.automattic.com“target=”_blank”>Automattic family, I'm quite sure you've made the right strategic choice. I will be returning to ID, I'm sure of it. Lack of video commenting, trackbacks(?) is a bummer though. But all that will be fixed by the Automattic-people.

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