Do you limit the number of people you follow on Twitter? And to how many?

Just to clarify: I have no objection to anyone having personal limits on the number of people they follow on Twitter – only imposing that on others. Here are some of the many reasons people set limits. I’d love to know yours.

Girl With a One Track Mind:

“I limit who I follow on Twitter because otherwise I struggle to keep track of conversations and I find a busy feed too distracting. I know I can use an app like Tweetdeck (which I love) to filter and group followers which would enable me to read what’s ‘important’ and discard/ignore what’s not, but given I frequently access Twitter on my mobile phone, that doesn’t solve the problem of being overwhelmed by thousands of people’s tweets.

“However, even though I have a self-imposed limit of <90 people I follow, I still try to maintain friendly/polite interactions with those that follow me; I feel it’s sort of arrogant and rude not to. An app like Tweetdeck is brilliantly enabling in this regard, alerting me whenever someone speaks to/about me even if I’m not following them. When I can, I do respond to @ replies to me, but usually via a DM: I don’t want my own Twitter stream to be noisy or filled with hundreds of @ replies to my followers – which it would be if I replied to everyone who communicates with me…

“This is, perhaps, a clumsy and inconsistent way to interact on Twitter, but it’s allowed me to continue to use the service without being overwhelmed, and it also means I can try to maintain communication with others without being rude – which I think it is easy to become, in this medium…”

And from the Twittersphere:

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4 thoughts on “Do you limit the number of people you follow on Twitter? And to how many?

  1. SIM Only

    Its always best to limit the number of people you follow. Otherwise you’ll have so much that you won’t be able to keep track of them, or even manage your twitter account. Some people are just not worth following.

  2. Dan Owen

    I would suggest that if a reporter is using twitter than limiting the number of people you follow would be counter productive.

    would you stop writing numbers in a contacts book if you felt you had enough already?

  3. Carlos Virgen

    A little late to this post – For the last few months I’ve tried to limit the new people I follow to those of a new media/journalism stripe. And no doubt Tweetdeck is an invaluable tool regardless how many people you follow. Now I need to follow through on un-following people who don’t update and those that only offer noise. Just haven’t figured out a quick easy way to identify those people.


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