Catfights on Twitter

and here are the catfights on Twitter people could come up with:

paulbradshaw: #bbcwm @defcon_5 says BBC will want to hear about Twitter catfights – anyone know of any?

about 5 hours ago

corcoran: I think Robert Scoble had a falling out with someone a month back – can’t remember the other guys name though 😦

about 5 hours ago

nuttycow: the whole things about @derekdraper following all of @iaindale ‘s followers to publicise his own site?

about 5 hours ago

technicalfault: plenty of catfights for sure but perhaps steer away from this to discuss lively debates? #bbcwm

about 5 hours ago

DotLepkowska: # bbcwm Lily Allen had one with Perez Hilton, see Telegraph website. Too many characters to send link

about 5 hours ago

DotLepkowska: #bbcwm Also there was one someone put on earlier about a PR and journalist having a Twitterspat – think it was in Cardiff?

about 5 hours ago

DavidBahia: #bbcwm Please don’t encourage them. Have they nothing better to do.

about 5 hours ago

JayneHowarth: #bbcwm what about RT @katchoo Oh dear oh dear. @axelanden What journalists should NOT do on Twitter

about 5 hours ago

alicefanning: not sure if you want to talk about celebrity catfights, but @perezhilton and @lilyroseallen had big fight yday

about 5 hours ago

blondepinky3: there was a post/tweet about Perez Hilton & Lilly Allen having some words…I think yesterday you could check that out

about 5 hours ago

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