“Is Twitter a waste of time?” Suggested responses

and here are the suggested responses to questions about Twitter’s apparent uselessness:

paulbradshaw: #bbcwm Any suggested answers to this one? RT @tweehee isn’t it a waste of time?

about 7 hours ago

Joner: re the waste of time thing – when is communication *ever* a waste of time? Is a letter? an email? a conversation? #bbcwm

about 7 hours ago

Sn1per: Anything can be regarded a waste of time if you choose to waste it instead of using it constructively. #bbcwm

about 7 hours ago

SamShepherd: it’s only a waste of time if you’re using it to waste time.

about 7 hours ago

4 thoughts on ““Is Twitter a waste of time?” Suggested responses

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  3. Corey Schubert

    I’m especially interested in the way Twitter can help to generate more interest in a published story.

    Justin Peters of the Columbia Journalism Review uses Twitter to share great ledes that he finds on various stories. He posts the lede along with a link. His username is @justintrevett.

    Already this appears to have helped create new readers for these stories, and opened discussions through Twitter about the ledes and why they do or don’t work.

    The way I see it, that’s one more example of Twitter’s effectiveness.


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