Writing/producing for the web: BASIC principles of online journalism (Online journalism lesson #3)

Here’s the 3rd in my series of classes in online journalism. Having already set up an RSS readers and Delicious account, a Twitter account and a blog, this week they start the news website, and learn about writing and producing for the web:


4 thoughts on “Writing/producing for the web: BASIC principles of online journalism (Online journalism lesson #3)

  1. Martha Rojas

    I could no understand all the recommendations, but certanily: being brief, precise and concrete are basic rules in journalism; there are thing like Twitter and SEO that I still can not get it, but is ok… Thanks a lot!

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  3. avestine de la cruz

    ..as a college student and a writer of my University:).. i just want to share the WAYS ON HOW TO WRITE PROFESSIONALY ……especially in the field of Journalism wherein you really have to be confident and competitive enough so you can ride on with the professional and famous writers someday…hehehe…..and the most important thing is you will be able to catch not just hundreds of readers but more on that my friend….We might not know???…check this out guyz!!!:)

    *Write for easy reading
    *Think first , then write
    *Get to the point
    *Use familiar words
    *Omit verbal deadwood
    *Keep your sentences short
    *Shorten your pharagraphs
    *Be specific and concrete
    *Prefer the simple to the complex
    *Be Optimistic
    *Use Active Voice
    *Use adjectives sparingly
    *Revise and sharpen
    *Write to express not to impress
    *Be restrained

    I’ll wait your feedback my friends!!!!!………

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