More crowdsourcing from the Guardian and NYT – this time on Iran

They’re at it again. Following the very domestic issue of MPs’ expenses, The Guardian’s latest experiment with crowdsourcing goes international: Iran.

“We want to put a face to each of those hundreds – possibly thousands – killed or arrested since the Iranian election.

“Where we have a picture we have used it. However, our information is incomplete. If you have a picture of any one of these individuals or information we do not have please click below.”


(Oh, and there’s also a spreadsheet of data and the invitation to post visualisations to the Datastore’s Flickr group.)

Coincidentally, a very similar project was mentioned by Arianna Huffinton at yesterday’s Activate Summit organised by… The Guardian.

NPR: Turning The Camera Around: Health Care Stakeholders is basically an image of healthcare lobbyists with rollovers that tell you who they are and how much they have spent. The explanatory paragraph ends:

“We’ve begun to identify some of the faces in the hearing room, and we want to keep the process going. Know someone in these photos? Let us know who that someone is — e-mail or let us know via Twitter@DollarPolitics.”

The piece, Huffington explained, went viral, which is pretty key for most crowdsourcing projects (and, by the way, for engagement, democracy… you know: the small things).

Meanwhile, the New York Times is also doing a little crowdsourcing on Iran:

“The New York Times would like readers in Iran to help us document the post-election unrest in Iran. Please upload your photographs using the form below, letting us know when and where the photographs were taken and whether you wish to remain anonymous.”

Or is it just citizen journalism? I guess it depends what they do with the material – it could be a lot clearer. 

More? Here are the webpages I’ve tagged ‘crowdsourcing’ on Delicious

3 thoughts on “More crowdsourcing from the Guardian and NYT – this time on Iran

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  2. Andbwell

    People may be aware of American Public Radio’s own crowdsourcing-like project already, but it is quite an interesting idea:
    Also wondered whether the Guardian’s map of internet censorship might make a good next crowdsourcing project: It seems somewhat incomplete.

  3. @fcoel

    Hi Paul

    Dont you have a screenshot of NY Times call for photos form?

    Now they have replace it with a notice that they are not reveiving photos any more.

    Thanks in advace!



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