Two online journalism research opportunities

If you’re interested in researching online journalism full time there are a couple of opportunities available at the moment:

The first is a fully-funded PhD in ‘Developing a new model for local news provision and addressing the democratic deficit in the digital economy‘.

It’s a 3-year award funded by the European Social Fund which “provides for payment of tuition fees, together with a maintenance stipend set at £13,688 per annum (expected to increase annually). The research student will be based  at the School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies, Cardiff University, in partnership with the Media Standards Trust.  Deadline: August 26th, 2010.

More at (PDF)

The second is a job opportunity at the University of Leeds for Research Associate in Internet Journalism (fixed-term)

This is a part-time PhD studentship linked to a 50% FTE Teaching Assistantship. Pay is at University Grade 6 (£24,273 – £28,983 p.a. pro rata) plus annual stipend of £6,300; PhD fees will be paid by the Institute. For more information contact Professor David Hesmondhalgh, via email to d.j.hesmondhalgh (at) Application form and job details from

2 thoughts on “Two online journalism research opportunities

  1. Peter Demain

    As firmly expanded into the inane and useless as most of academia now is when you compare course content to applications for employment this has to take the cake. If you want to know all that’s meaningful to know about it you pick up a couple of books and browse a variety of blogs, start interacting and you are often savvy within a couple of months.

    How do we ‘online journalists’ even get paid? If I had a PhD’s worth of research behind me…how would I make a living from it? I’d probably just have to get a job elsewhere and supplement my online journalism with something else entirely – in other words my years in academia getting a doctorate have contributed to a ‘hobby’.

    Oh and all the while I’ve been studying, I could have been online actually doing it and, luck permitting, have gotten a bit of a reputation built-up. Kind of like American Studies…you sit around learning about the USA – why not brush off that pseudo-subject and just spend the time on a long trip to the place?

    Primary experience is the most valuable of all. You can learn in weeks what courses either can’t teach at all or take years to.

    -Pete @

  2. Olive

    great opportunities. how about other paid research opportunities online, i can get involved in for a pay. please avail me with information if you have heard of any. Thanks

    From Kampala Uganda


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