The photographer’s role in the age of citizen journalism: grab the guy filming on his mobile

The Guardian reports on the AP photographer whose image dominated the front pages today. The following passage on how he returned to his office with a member of the public who had filmed it on his mobile phone passes by without remark:

“The adrenaline was running by now. So I turned [the flash] on and took five pictures. I realised they were important and I saw another guy shooting video on his phone.

“So I got him into a taxi and we went back to AP’s offices in Camden.”

Worth noting.

3 thoughts on “The photographer’s role in the age of citizen journalism: grab the guy filming on his mobile

  1. Sarah Booker

    I lost count of the number of people filming the Brighton student protests on November 30.
    Not students, but members of the public with their phones held up to video and stream.
    These people probably don’t consider themselves citizen journalists, but the archive they’re uploading onto their Facebook and YouTube accounts is priceless.

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  3. Anthony Borelli

    I had a very similar thing happen to me. I came into work one morning and overheard another employee talking about the campaign he worked for having its campaign signs stolen, and how they set up a camera to catch these folks at it. As they were STILL SETTING UP THE CAMERA, the opposing candidate himself shows up with his wife and starts stealing signs. I run my own Citizen Journalism site as a hobby, so I practically jumped on this guy — begging for the video — which he gave to me to run. Wound up being my first big story, picked up nationally (though few other sites gave me credit).


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