Wikileaks – a documentary

Here’s a well-produced (even in rough-cut form) documentary on Wikileaks by Swedish network SVT, published on YouTube in 4 parts. It covers quite a bit of the history of the organisation, the lessons it learned and the partnerships it made along the way – all of which provide valuable insights for any student of journalism as a practice or a cultural form, not to mention a more complex understanding than most coverage of the current situation provides. It really is essential viewing.


15 thoughts on “Wikileaks – a documentary

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  5. Nabil

    I saw the documentary yesterday, and I’m Swedish myself.

    That is by far one of the best documentaries I’ve ever seen when it comes to the Internet and its powers.

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  8. Gustaf Nordenskiöld

    WL is the most effective project against hetrosexual power. Keep suporting WL economicaly lets make an end to hetrosexual sociatys. Buy only from homosexual producers. If you work in a shop – help brothers buy giving them free stuff. Every social group based om hetrosexual rules should be destroyed, infiltrate them and brake them apart.

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  10. John Frum

    I thought this was one of the better documentaries on Wikileaks, a subject which has started to die down recently – which was to be expected, as most things in our fast moving society only has 15 minuts of fame. Prosecutors have nothing on Julian anymore though, they are just scrampling to get a hold of something to pin him down, like the fake rape alligations has shown. Great doc.

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