Motion graphic video workflow – a video tutorial

Motion graphics has become an increasingly popular way to present data in a compelling visual form. In a series of videos guest contributor Sihlangu Tshuma outlines his workflow process for managing a motion graphics video project, the results of which are shown at the end. All 13 videos are also available in this playlist.

1: Motion graphics introduction

2: Researching the project

3: Motion graphics treatments

4: Script and storyboard

5: Motion graphics design

6: Colour and storyboard

7: Motion graphics audio production

8: Importing media

9: Motion graphics sequencing

10: Animation

11: Further music development

12: Fine tuning and rendering

The final production

Here is the final result:

Disclosure: Sihlangu Tshuma was a student of mine on the MA in Online Journalism at Birmingham City University. 


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