That free online data journalism course I’m involved in

I’m happy to announce that I’ll be part of the delivery team for a free data journalism course online early next year that is being hosted by The European Journalism Centre.

The course – yes it’s a MOOC – will have five parts, delivered by Simon Rogers, Alberto Cairo, Nicolas Kayser-Bril and Steve Doig.

We’ve been quietly beavering away on the materials for a while now – covering planning data stories; getting the data; cleaning it; interrogating it; and visualising it.

As well as swapping notes between the tutors we’ve also had a top class advisory group casting a fresh eye over the material, including Aron Pilhofer, Angelica Peralto Ramos, Sascha Venohr and Guido Romeo.

We’ve all been very conscious from the start to make the content as international as the team behind it, so if you have any examples of data journalism quirks in your country, I’d very much like to hear about it.

You can read write-ups of the announcement in Spanish at La Nacion, and in Dutch at De Nieuwe Reporter. The Functional Art also have a write up here.

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