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Tap to advance: the rise and rise of the horizontal story

Snapchat's horizontal navigation

Another month, another set of new feature launches: this time the longform blogging platform Medium announcingSeries‘, a “new type of story”, then days later Facebook announcing its ‘Messenger Day‘ feature.

Last month it was Instagram‘s Carousel feature and WhatsApp‘s Status feature.

What all have in common is the almost unquestioned use of a horizontal storytelling mode: a move from scroll-based navigation to navigating through a swipe or a tap.

What does that mean for journalism and storytelling? I think it’s about time we asked. Continue reading

Security for journalists: a curated Flipboard magazine

Security for Journalists cover

Following a discussion on the NICAR-L mailing list on resources on information security and encryption for journalists, I thought I’d pull together some resources for journalists in this Flipboard magazine.

If you’ve any suggestions for additions, please let me know.