State of the News Media: Online media at crossroads

Keyword: . From the OPA:

“The mega-report “The State of the News Media 2005” offers up many positive points about the business of online media: more people going online for news and blogs, rising ad revenues, and increased customization and personalization of news. But on the flip side, the old-line news organizations that are funding the top sites are bleeding readers and viewers. “While business might appear prosperous, beneath the success lies a perplexing reality,” wrote Merrill Brown in a guest essay for the report. “Many of the news organizations that make most Web site journalism possible…are in some combination of strategic, journalistic and financial peril.” Still, the rise of nascent citizen journalism efforts and blogs give hope that a new media ecosystem can thrive online. The Boston Globe’s Mark Jurkowitz found that online media was still developing its voice, while Poynter’s Rick Edmonds noted that most Americans graze over multiple news sources rather than locking out certain media.

» Report: Non-traditional media gain ground, consumers (USA Today)
» State of the Media 2005: New Roles for New (Poynter)
» Study: Online media is still developing voice (Boston Globe)
» On Fox News, No Shortage of Opinion, Study Finds (Washington Post)
» A Year to Remember in Internet News (Merrill Brown guest essay)
» The State of the News Media 2005 (Project for Excellence in Journalism report)

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