A student from the Philippines writes… (Q&A)

Following hot on the heels of the email from a Brazilian online journalism student comes one from Carol Bernanda of Quezon City in the Philippines. Once again, here are the questions and my answers:

Q. What is your description of blog journalism/what is blog journalism?

Blog journalism is journalism that is published using a blog. Nothing more, nothing less.

Q. What are the peculiarities and unique distinctions of blog journalism?

Blogs are only a platform, so really any type of journalism can be published on it – including audio and video. But the blog format has brought its own cultural histories, and so blogs tend to be more reflective, opinionated, and analytical. Links are integral to the form, and a good blogger is expected to link to their sources in a manner that makes blog journalism more transparent than traditional journalism. That said, the blog format is still evolving – we are seeing more original reporting, and more analysis.

Q. Is it the same as online journalism? How is it different/similar?

Online journalism is journalism on the internet, so again it’s only a platform. You could call blog journalism a subset of online journalism. All blog journalism is online journalism but not all online journalism is blog journalism.

Q. Do you prefer blogging to writing for a publication?

Yes, in that I prefer being my own boss. But writing for a publication is good in different ways – the restrictions can make you more creative and improve the quality. A lot is said about the unlimited space of the web, but there is something to be said for word limits too.

Q. Can you recommend me samples of sites of blog journalism?Look at my blogroll in the right hand column. And my bloglines subscriptions at http://www.bloglines.com/public/paulb

Q. What are the tips/advice that you can suggest to aspiring blog journalists?

See https://onlinejournalismblog.wordpress.com/2007/09/17/how-a-blog-can-put-you-on-the-road-to-success/ – I’m preparing a lengthier version for a book chapter.

5 thoughts on “A student from the Philippines writes… (Q&A)

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  2. Jane Abao

    I have been schooled in traditional [print] journalism schools but I am willing to learn what online journalism has to offer. I read many writing about it and despite what I think is a loser form of journalism where the discipline in traditional journalism is not much found, I am willing to check and appreciate if it could offer some dimensions useful in our times.

  3. paulbradshaw Post author

    I’m hoping you mean lesser form of journalism, not “loser form of journalism”?
    Either way, it would be harsh to write off an entire platform, as people did with broadcast journalism when it first began (and indeed many still do)


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