Washington Post Facebook app – the sequel

Washington Post Facebook appThe Washington Post have followed up their playful Facebook app Compass with the more functional newsTracker – and it’s very good indeed.

Not only can you specify which topics you want ‘fed’ to your page – but you can also include custom searches (which is why mine has no current matches – they’re very specific).

The ‘Hot News’ tag cloud is nice – but the ‘Friends’ Search Terms’ really takes advantage of the social element of Facebook technology – although it does raise possible privacy issues (Blog Friends does a similar thing very well).

Add the application here.

Read Rob Curley’s blog entry on the tool here.

1 thought on “Washington Post Facebook app – the sequel

  1. jofarnold

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the mention of Blog Friends – glad to hear you’re a fan.

    You might have heard we are currently beta-testing a completely new version of Blog Friends (we call it “Version 1”). The new app builds on the successes of the previous version by integrating novel new features such a fast feed reader (to help you find, read and favorite new blog posts and authors) and a feedback section to aid you in honing your reading preferences.

    If you are interested in joining the test team, find me on facebook (I’m listed as “Jof Arnold”) and send me a mail.

    Jof Arnold


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