The Online Journalism Blog readers’ map – normal service is resumed

Thanks to all those who have so far added themselves to the OJB readers’ map – it looks very impressive. I had a couple emails from people who arrived at the map to find it called something else – ‘Mark Weber’ or ‘Félix Bahón’. One of the problems of making it editable, it seems, is people accidentally changing the name of the map itself.

UPDATE: Another is that people can accidentally edit each others’ entries, and so Laura Oliver of in London has suddenly been reassigned to the role of video journalist at Sydney’s Telegraph.

Anyway, the map is now back to its original name with some instructions in the description as well as here.

If your entry has been incorrectly amended you can edit it by clicking on your placemark or listing in the left hand column. Then go to the top of the left hand column and click ‘Edit’. Both the map name and the selected placemark become editable.

It seems Google Maps has some way to go before being intuitive enough for the average reader to contribute to.

Meanwhile, looking forward to seeing more readers popping up, particularly in those hard-to-reach places…

…and after those Google Maps mashups, what better time to start playing with this stuff?

2 thoughts on “The Online Journalism Blog readers’ map – normal service is resumed

  1. Luciano Mucelli

    Hi, my name is Luciano and I’m an Argentine journalist blogger that follow OJB. I saw your OJB reader’s map and I added my blog in it. But here, in the Argentine blogsfere, someones think that your map is the like a Bloggers World Map. I traied to explain that in may blog, but all are in Spanish. I leave you the link and if you wana some help with the translation, write me.

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