Mobile newspapers, mobile advertising: good news, bad news

Here’s the good news for mobile phone websites: Vodafone has “seen a 50% rise in revenues from its data services over the past quarter, after the number of its customers using the web from mobile devices more than doubled.”

UK newspaper publisher Trinity Mirror will be particularly pleased, having “begun developing a mobile phone website for 12 of its regional newspaper titles.” in partnership with Nokia. So will AP, whose Mobile News Network is “used consistently throughout the day and even across weekends and weekdays … the typical unique user is logging in for seven visits a month.”

The bad news? The day before that Trinity Mirror announcement saw the release of a study that, while including encouraging news for print advertising (it receives more positive responses from British consumers than those in other media platforms) found “consumers resist forms of advertising that are intrusive, especially those intrusive on “private space,” media such as spam, telemarketing and…” And? “mobile ads”. Add to that the findings from a recent Nielsen report (PDF) that only 14% of US mobile web users say they don’t mind relevant mobile advertising.

Ah well, the advertisers are planning to buy it anyway.

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2 thoughts on “Mobile newspapers, mobile advertising: good news, bad news

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