Investigative journalism book – and my chapter on blogs

Investigative journalism bookHow remiss of me not to mention that the second edition of Investigative Journalism is now out, including a chapter on ‘Investigative Journalism and Blogs’ by yours truly. As it happens, if you buy it from the OJB Amazon affiliate shop (or anything else for that matter) the commission will go towards an ‘open source’ investigative journalism venture I’m putting together.

2 thoughts on “Investigative journalism book – and my chapter on blogs

  1. KerriandAlina

    We’ve been looking for established writer who’ve excelled in their field to help us with our own blog-mission!
    The blog is for writer’s of various kind to network and for established writer’s like yourself to leave a little bit of advice for those trying to get into the industry.
    Please drop by
    and leave a comment.
    Thank you.

  2. KerriandAlina

    Ps. Your blog has been added to our list of ‘links to drop by’ as we feel that many would benefit from visiting your site.

    If you would like us to remove it, please notify us and it will be no problem!


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