Quebec news websites added to Interactivity Index

David Carter in Canada has added several news websites from Quebec to the Interactivity Index, which now compares the interactive features of news websites in the UK, US, France, Macedonia, Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, Norway, Belgium, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Switzerland. Scores for the Canadian websites range from Voir’s 1300 points down to Quebec Science with 300. Anyone want to add Canadian websites outside of Quebec?

Try it out below:

5 thoughts on “Quebec news websites added to Interactivity Index

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  2. David

    That’s true.

    My work was to evaluate the interactivity of this 7 news website.

    Maybe the title should be changed for Quebec news website…

    Or someone could to do it for the rest of Canada (ROC)!

    For “RSS feeds and sections are missing from the Post” I don’t understand…I see them.



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