Training – is your employer still doing it?

UPDATE: Seems this is too sensitive an issue for public discussion, so feel free to send me an off the record email or DM tweet instead.

UPDATE 2: Here’s one way to solve staffing issues and training issues at the same time.

Next Wednesday I’ll be teaching a small group of newspaper journalists about using social media to track breaking news. I’ve noticed that most of the attendees are employed by one particular publisher. Other publishers are conspicuous by their absense, as are broadcast journalists. Are employers cutting training? Or just doing it in-house? Has training matter changed to keep up with changes in the media, or does it remain largely traditional? As always, I’d love to know your experiences.

3 thoughts on “Training – is your employer still doing it?

  1. Jo Ind

    That is not a safe question to answer. If my employer was cutting back on training, I would not publish that information on the internet.
    As it happens, the Birmingham Post is on the ball with training its journalists in “thinking 3D,” as the editor puts it, but again, I think it would be inappropriate for me to say in a public forum what its training plans are.


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