More about that social-media-for-news training next week

Being the sort of person who puts all their work online, I thought it might be useful to put the agenda for next week’s one-day training course up, along with useful hyperlinks. As always, contributions welcomed. Here’s what I’ll be covering:

1. Passive-Aggressive Newsgathering: how to mix social media and RSS to bring the news to you

2. Right place, right time – all the time: diaries, alerts, trends and stringers

  • Setting up news diaries, news alerts and filters
  • Monitoring trends and statistics
  • Plugging into communities – creating social capital and building reader relationships
  • Workshop: setting up dynamic diary with alerts

3. Making product out of process

  • Using Twitter, bookmarking, blogging and commenting to bring in readers from the start of newsgathering – and shape the end product
  • Mobile phone journalism tips and tricks
  • Avoiding being ‘gamed’ – the AP principles
  • Workshops: planning news story through ‘news diamond‘ process; cover breaking story
  • Workshops: rethinking print article as conversation

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