Times Online tops newspaper Stumble list

All self-respecting newspaper sites have share and social-bookmarking functionality, such as links to Digg, Reddit, Fark etc.

But if the results of StumbleUpon are typical then:

  1. Times Online is miles ahead of its rivals when it comes to users sharing / bookmarking its pages.
  2. The FT has a lot of work to do.
  3. Adding icons for an individual service makes no difference to how often users submit a given page.

The following graph, based on an analysis of newspaper websites’ Stumbles, shows that Times Online has had 699 pages Stumbled.  In second place is the Sun, with 487.

Neither site lists StumbleUpon in its ‘sharing’ list.

And both sites are miles ahead of the FT, Mirror and Express. They all list StumbleUpon as an option – yet none of them have even reached three figures for Stumbled pages.

Number of pages Stumbled at each newspaper's website

Number of pages Stumbled at each newspaper

3 thoughts on “Times Online tops newspaper Stumble list

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