How US traffic is vital for UK newspaper sites

The latest figures for UK users  from the audited ABCes together with Compete‘s figures for American site usage show how USA traffic is vital for UK newspaper sites (figures originally posted here).

On average, US traffic is 36.8% of the UK traffic (ie there is just over one US visitor for every 3 UK visitors). The figure for the Telegraph is slightly higher (44.5%) and for the Mail it’s a massive 62.5%.

US users
as % of UK
Daily Mail 5,199,078 8,316,083 62.5
Telegraph 4,087,769 9,184,082 44.5
Times Online 2,805,815 7,668,637 36.6
Guardian 3,676,498 10,211,385 36.0
Independent 1,317,298 3,781,320 34.8
The Sun 2,419,319 8,704,036 27.8
Mirror 748,098 4,907,540 15.2 5,960,589 n/a n/a
Express 63,216 n/a n/a
Average 2,919,742 7,539,012 36.8

These figures are all for June 2009. The FT wasn’t audited in June’s ABCes. The Express isn’t in the ABCes. I had planned to use Alexa data but Compete seems a bit more robust.

The figures are further proof that the Mail’s success in the June ABCes was driven by American searches for Michael Jackson’s kids.

15 thoughts on “How US traffic is vital for UK newspaper sites

  1. Ciaran

    Success needs revenue. And the problem most of the papers have is that domestic advertisers don’t want these users.

    There are companies, like adgent, who are selling this international traffic, but I’d be wary of claiming that international traffic is vital for their success

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  3. Zak

    Surprised the Guardian’s percentage isn’t higher, especially after they recently launched their Guardian America website – unless the stats for that site are counted separately ?

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  6. Richard Sharpe

    A lot of sites suffer from this issue but at about 20%, which creates signiifcant difficulties from monitarising the advertising reveneue for that percnetage.

    The daily mail has suxch a high figuer because

    One there subject is matter is one what americans are searching for ( more royal family, american celeb news/trvia etc, less UK sport)

    but more importantly what american comentators like to link to, the daily mail does very well in the rankings because its well linked to from the likes of drudge, that both sends traffic and boosts it in th US google rankings.

  7. malcolmcoles

    “Richard” – it would be easier to take your comments seriously if you weren’t obviously pretending your name is richard sharpe to link to your richard-sharpe-books website on a dofollow blog. I see your name is Jon from your email address. How about using that instead?

  8. Jon


    Sorry it is somethign I have preset on forums for a little bit of SEO link buuilding on a side project.

    What does it hurt Jon or Richard Sharpe you dont really know me anyway?

    But the info is good, its stuff I researched when I did some SEO consultancy in the journalism area 2 years ago.

  9. malcolmcoles

    Jon – no worries 😉 It’s just this site gets a lot of people leaving comments just for the link, some of whom take the effort to write a little more than ‘nice post’, so it’s hard to know who to take seriously sometimes …

  10. Jon

    Well your ‘no follow’ on out going links should sort that issue out, but usually even if I am link building on do follow blogs, I want to leave a quality post that adds something to debate, also means the comment and the link stays there.

    Anyway on the main point of the article it is interesting how are right wing press does much better in the states than our left wing press.

    It also does affect the commercials on advertsing revenue a paper can generate.

    A Uk visitor to a Uk paper is worth much more thna an american visitor to a Uk paper, so 62 % of the mails potentail advertsing reveneue is low value.

    Or you could spin it on its head and say the mail returns 5,000,000 extra visitors it can generate some reveneue on, which they would not otherwise have.

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