Presentation: Law for bloggers and journalists (UK)

Yesterday I hosted a session on law for my MA Online Journalism students, which I thought I would embed below.

Some background: I teach all my sessions in a coffee shop in central Birmingham – anyone can drop in. This week I specifically invited local bloggers, and so the shape of the presentation was very much flavoured by contributions from The Lichfield Blog‘s Philip John; Nick Booth from Podnosh and BeVocal; Talk About Local‘s Nicky Getgood; Hannah Waldram of the Bournville Village BlogGavin Wray, Matthew Mark, and Mike Rawlins of Stoke’s Pits N Pots. The editor of the Birmingham Post Marc Reeves also came for an hour to share his own experiences in the regional press.

Two things occurred to me during the process of preparation and delivery of the session. The first is that law in this context is much broader: as well as the classic areas for journalists such as defamation, you have to take into account online publishing issues such as terms and conditions, data protection and user generated content.

Secondly, I’ve long been an advocate of conversational teaching styles (one of the reasons I teach in a coffee lounge) and this was a great example of that in practice. The presentation below is just a series of signposts – the actual session lasted 4 hours and included various tangents (some of which I’ve incorporated into this published version). Experiences in the group of students and guests ranged across broadcasting, print, photography, online publishing, academic study, and international law, and I came out of the session having learned a lot too.

I hope you can add some more points, examples, or anything I’ve missed. Here it is:

8 thoughts on “Presentation: Law for bloggers and journalists (UK)

  1. Jason

    Interesting post Paul, I was in Birmingham yesterday and would have attended if I’d known about it. There really does need to be more awareness of legal issues for bloggers and other online media outlets.

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  4. Sophie Knowles

    Hi Paul, can anyone- within reason- come along to your sessions? Can you let us know where and when the next one will take place? Thanks so much, Sophie

    1. Paul Bradshaw

      Sure, although we’ve now had the last session of this semester and I don’t have any plans to hold next semester’s classes in Coffee Lounge. But if you want to come along to one of my sessions (the main two will be multimedia journalism and undergraduate online journalism) in Feb/March at the university let me know.

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