20 free ebooks on journalism (for your Xmas Kindle)

For some reason there are two versions of this post on the site – please check the more up to date version here.

24 thoughts on “20 free ebooks on journalism (for your Xmas Kindle)

  1. Kevin Smith

    Paul, this is an excellent post. Great information, thank you for researching and sharing this. I’m going to get started today.

    Kevin Smith
    SPJ ethics chair
    SPJ president, 09-10

  2. Tony Barrett

    Thanks. Great info. Couple of links seem to be off: Global Casebook is repeated twice and no link to Story based enquiry. Similarly with first part of Digital Media Handbook. Unless it’s my PC. Cheers

    1. Paul Bradshaw Post author

      I don’t mind PDFs on e-Ink – although I do switch to landscape mode when reading them. Will add something though.

      1. Leonie

        Amazon can convert the PDF for you to kindle format – just email the PDF to your kindle with ‘convert’ in the subject line. It’s really easy and most PDFs convert very well. 🙂

  3. Raul

    Thanks Paul for taking the time to put this list together. I’m interested in reading ‘Testing Treatments’, but I must say – It’s been a while I see a book written by 4 authors. By the way, http://ebookjunkie.com has a lot of great ebooks for free in PDF format. Just in case anyone wants to do more reading.

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