Alternatives to Google Reader – which one will you use? (Comment call)

So Google Reader is closing down. Quickly getting the denial, anger and bargaining out of the way, which service will you switch to?

I’ve started an open* spreadsheet so you can add the alternatives you know of, and look at the features of others. (This worked particularly well when Delicious was being sold)

You can also vote for your preferred service here.

*After 24 hours I had to restrict access to the spreadsheet and restore an earlier version after 20 rows were deleted. The sheet is now available for editing by request.

32 thoughts on “Alternatives to Google Reader – which one will you use? (Comment call)

  1. Karsten Seiferlin

    Google will shut down their RSS Reader service. This may break many nicely working pipelines for news readers (Apps and people), but their is one much more important aspect behind it. Google Reader will be shut down because less people use RSS these days, and as a consequence RSS will get even less important. On the other hand CURATED news services and apps gain popularity. What this ultimately means is that other people decide what you should read and not you. RSS feeds reflected your personal choice of news sources. Curated news aggregators deliver the news that other people or algorithms will find adequate. This scares me.

    1. Paul Bradshaw Post author

      I guess it’s another sign of the web and social media becoming more mainstream. I don’t think this is the death of RSS but rather it becomes a more specialist tool (which I guess it was anyway, given users have been early adopters).

      1. Adam Tinworth

        Yeah, I think RSS was always a specialist tool. Those for whom Twitter has replaced RSS reading certainly weren’t using it in the same way I am.

        It never made the mainstream, so Google wasn’t interested. Hopefully, that means some specialist developers will pick up the market opportunity and run with it, but the transition phase could be painful.

  2. Andrey Jeglov

    I would like suggest another alternatives to google reader.

    Unlike ordinary RSS-readers, LikeHack ( adds links from your Facebook and Twitter feeds, and also provides two kinds of custom filters to eliminate whole topics by keywords and exclude instagram photos and other media from your feed. It makes also all links you shared searchable.

    We have launched recently and glad to invite you to test!

  3. Richard Kendall

    Had forgotten about Netvibes, will see how they have progressed. Feedly does work nicely, but depends on the workflow/ease of management…

    1. Paul Bradshaw Post author

      I got that too for a moment. Suggests it’s very busy, or Google Docs is having problems.

  4. Timepiece

    The spreadsheet is very helpful, thanks. But I wish the features were a little more broken down. For instance, what’s important to me is something like the gReader List view (no image-heavy displays, and a single column), and the ability to show feeds with the oldest items first. The second appears to be the sticking point for almost everyone.

    1. Paul Bradshaw Post author

      Thanks – you could always add a column for that (I’m looking for that feature too). You’ll need to request access now as I’ve protected it.

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  6. Brittany

    Trying to add my favorite NewsBlur to the spreadsheet, but it’s showing as View Only so I can’t edit it. What am I doing wrong?

    1. Paul Bradshaw Post author

      Ah, sorry – I had to protect it after someone deleted most of the rows (I reverted to that version). Will add you as an editor.

    1. Paul Bradshaw Post author

      None at the moment – still playing, and a lot are still relying on Reader (e.g. Feedly)

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  8. Clinton Wu

    Hi Paul,

    Would like to to get Skim.Me ( added to the list. We’ll be releasing our replacement for Reader (and for iGoogle too as a matter of fact) in April to help people keep up at a glance. Love for some folks to check us out.



    1. Paul Bradshaw Post author

      Will add it. Have also sent an invite request – looks interesting, especially given some people want the simple list view of feeds (including me)

  9. Karen

    @rwc – Try SharpReader. It’s old but still works on Win 7. Haven’t tried it on Win 8. It’s my main reader with a good cache. I was using GR as my backup. (By exporting the opml file once in awhile.)

  10. Arne van Elk

    This week the Reeder app put up a notice saying they will work with Feedbin ( ) as a Google Reader replacement. It’s a paid service (only $20 p/y). Didn’t try it yet but it looks interesting, think it should be added to the list. Thanks!

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